Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Jennifer Erazo Hinlo Life Story

On the dawn of February 15, 1986, the day of the Presidential Snap Election between Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino, a baby girl was born in a small farm house, wrapped in flour sack, in the middle of the rice field in Lucena, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. She was the eldest daughter of Rustico Erazo, a family driver, and Bellaflor Bsanal, a plain housewife. She was born from a poor family and her parents only finished elementary. Her parents wanted her to finish school and break the cycle of poverty that they are experiencing. As a kid, she helped her parents in tending their sari-sari store and she also helped them in selling bangus in the public market. She has a little brother named, Jon Jellow, born on September 25, 1997 (when she was 11 years old). Even though she has experienced hardships in life, financially and emotionally, it did not matter to her, because she is a fighter that never quits and a positive thinker that always move forward.  This girl grew up to be a happy person, as what her parents like her to be.
Even with meager resources, her parents worked hard for her to study in a private school during her elementary years (1993-1999) at the University of Mindanao. In high school, she was lucky to pass the exam at the Laboratory School of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP), at least her parents were not paying the monthly tuition anymore. During the elementary and high school years she was a consistent honor student (First Honorable Mention in elementary and With Honors in high school) and a student leader (Class Mayor in elementary and Vice Governor in high school). Even in her younger years of leading a group, she was very sociable and approachable to her classmates.
She has continued her student leadership service in college (USeP, 2003-2007). She took a degree in BS Economics at the School of Applied Economics (SAEc). She was the Class Mayor in her freshman year, Vice Governor in her sophomore year, Governor in her junior year and Vice President for External Affairs in the Obrero Campus Student Council (OCSC).  Being a student leader, it was very hard for her to balance work and study, but she was able to finish the degree on time.