Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweeping away problem with a breeze

Problems are like questions that need some answers. They are propositions that necessitate something to be demonstrated, and an innate gesture in reacting to failures and rejections (Navarro, 2004). All of us are inclined with different problems with our family, officemates and friends. Each of us has unique ways in handling such problems and we tend to learn lessons from every failure and successes that we achieve. Every experience that we have brings out the best solution to every problem. I want to share a situation in my life where I handled a problem in a logical manner and it enabled me to adapt a skill that only few people were born with it.
In my work, we frequently held our general membership meetings outside the office, usually in hotels and convention centers. Last March 28, 2008, we had our Quarterly Business Counter in a hotel at the downtown area and we rode a taxi to get there. We did this in order for us to transport our equipment and materials for the said event. We are always riding taxis because our organization does not have an official vehicle for these purposes.
In this event, I was tasked to bring the LCD Projector and for official purposes I had signed the log book pass slip (this is for documentation purposes only to designate who’s responsible in handling office equipment in outside events) which is a requirement in our office.
There were three of us who rode the taxi and because of the hard rain; all of us were seated at the back seat. I was uncomfortable then, because three of us were occupying the back and I was also carrying the LCD Projector with me. Due to that situation, I decided to put the LCD Projector at the front, because the seat was vacant.
When we arrived at the hotel, we checked on everything that we have brought and we thought that all things were already moved out from the taxi. It’s too late when we knew that we had left the LCD Projector. It was the most unforgettable and difficult problem that I had faced in my job. It ruined my career goals and opportunities for promotions and excellent job appraisal. I was so down; it lowered my self-esteem and confidence. My career expectations and dreams were buried in the ground.
At first, I did not know how to handle the situation; I cannot think straight and I was rattled and uneasy. I have asked my officemates some advices on how I can handle the problem, and I was relaxed and enlighten by their simple notions. It is very important to ask questions and get as many details as possible. We should talk to people, especially with our family, friends, and co-workers, in order for us to keep our emotions and talk about facts with them.
At that very moment, I started to stay calm and think about the incident in detail. I was able to enumerate the specific hierarchy of events. I wrote down the specific details of the incident. Get as much information as you can in order to make an informed decision about the problem. If the problem doesn't require a decision it's important you still learn as much as you can (“How to handle problems”
I was so blank that time and I couldn’t even remember the face of the taxi driver and the plate number of the vehicle. I was so desperate that’s why I went to a radio station to announce the incident, and still there were no responses. Being desperate is not advisable when you handle problems; we should not rush into things. We should think it through and do not be hasty with it. People will appreciate our careful thoughts rather than knee jerk reactions (“How to handle problems”
Days have passed and still there were no news about the LCD Projector. I was so embarrassed and wanted to resign, but I could not do it, because I owe a responsibility to our company. You don’t have to run or escape when you have problems, you should face it and accept its cause. In my situation, it was my fault and I should face the consequences. It is a matter of acceptance and an open mind for forgiveness. It was not easy to overcome such trials, in this moment of loneliness; we should offer a prayer to the Lord, for this will help in calming our senses.
A prayer is an act of communicating with deity and spirit in worship. This act may somehow augment our needs for guidance and wisdom ( Problems are swept away in a breeze, when we put to the Lord our God our trust and faith in Him. No powerful tool in solving problems has ever known, except in the power of prayer, all these things will be erased. I would like to share a wonderful quote that says:
Approach each new problem not with a view of finding what you hope will be there, but to get the truth, the realities that must be grappled with. You may not like what you find. In that case you are entitled to try to change it. But do not deceive yourself as to what you do find to be the facts of the situation. (“Cool Quotes” Problems)
In conclusion, let us study every problem that we may encounter and analyze the different situation you’re in. Every situation has different approaches in solving it. We are not perfect but we can’t avoid committing mistakes. Learn lessons from every problem you solved and do better next time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Job Seeking is Tiresome

I'm hitching this very moment on the jobs on the net, while I'm working with my deliverable for tomorrow's meeting. Its kinda ironic that while I have a current job, I'm still not contented with my job, because of our meager salary. I wanted to expand my horizon in my field of expertise, Economics. It seems like all my academic background were not useful in my work today, except for Project Development and Evaluation. I could deny the fact that I'm comfortable with my co-workers here and I was able to adjust for the past 2 years. But even so, my salary is not enough to compensate my family's needs. I have a baby right now, and an ailing salary of 5,600 per month. Imagine that, how could I live in this trying times, with all this economic turbulence. Wait a sec, I do not intend to pity myself to everybody, because no one force me to be here. This is my decision and I will live with it. but somehow, I still have the chance to find a job for me.. Yehey!

Power in the fingertips

A lot of us can write well and express our feelings through writing, and now in blogging. Only few people are gifted in this kind of talent, Im one of them. I'm not a talented nor an innate writer, Im struggling to be one of them actually. In this fast-paced world and with the emergence of the internet, we have an engine to follow our dreams and desires in our unconsciousness.

Im pertaining to blogging, with this electronic tool and the web. Its like a democratic universe of expressing our thoughts and feelings. Hence, this allows a dynamic and a vibrant open minded spirit for all citizens in the planet.

In the net, you can be powerful than the President of the United States and be famous like Oprah Winfrey. Anything is possible, you just make use of your talent and your fungertips. Make sure you dont a sore fingers. Heheheh.

Basically your entry to this fantasy is just a wild imagination and will to express yourself without hesitation. Confidence and honesty are also the key factors for this rummage.

Certainly, I hope that the mentality of some people will change. They should not be afraid to espress themselves. Thsy should not be afraid to love , to hate and to feel the world around them

Life is beautiful and we should make most out of it. Life is always a blessing and the net is just an instrument to fullfill a satisfaction of making our dreams a reality.

Spice in Office Lunch

Work in middle time rest, hmm I'm pertaining to lunch break. This is a time were all employees gather in the pantry and eat some meals. What supposed to be a happy appetite is also a time where gossips and intrigues are the main scope to spice the dining. hehehe.. Well, during this "lunch break", we talked about all in a days work. The loads, the deadlines, the pressure and some you know, something that aren't nice to hear. But I think those things are just normal to our ears. We tend to listen to this gossips and believed them.

Well, not all of this are true right? For me, I dont really participate in such discussions. I pretend that I dont care. But, perhaps I just dont want to have a knowledge of silly things that are not worth to hear. Its better that you do not know it, so you will never be a culprit in spreading (the news) office issues.

Playing safe...?? yeah, I guess so, I'm just playing safe, in the sense that I don't want to face trouble. I don't want trouble anymore. I just want peace.. PEACE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all in the days work... funny and vibrant...heheheh.. Makes sense in a life of a former babe..

Live life to sustain the agony of action

Sip some juice girl!
Well, this is another day of work loads. But I'm at ease these days with my work and no play. I always prompt to say that I have improved myself. Specifically, in terms with my outlook in life. I am more positive right now, and confident that I could all things that my bosses want me to do. Its a sort of "Law of Attraction", if you think positive thoughts, then positive actions will magnet your well being.

Its been a while since, I got shouted with all my failures in work. Especially on my grammar thing, I am not a good writer but Im struggling to be one. I think this blogging habit, will put me in the hyatt of (practicing) writing as a profession.

I firmly believe that practice makes perfect. By reading a lot and writing a lot, it may improvement my comprehensive skills in communicating. It is not the end of the world, so I can still do the things that I wanted to do, right? Before starting to work, i would really have a time in blogging, so that I could express myself, without hesitation. No boundaries!!!!!!!

Erratum: Corrections in Life

My precious giftIt upsets me when people do not appreciate the things I do. I easily get discouraged and I feel weak and helpless. It's really an issue when a lot of us expects something and in reality the worse is yet to come. I have done a lot of failures in my life, but it ended to be a beautiful part of my life right now. I did not regret anyhting, all I wanted today is to live life to the fullest and always be affirmative in everything that I do. Wondering why I said those things.. Here's my story.. read;

In 2008, life or me was a bit cold and and bitter. I am pessimistic in all things: in life, work, love and etc. I do not think about myself anymore, I became a slave in my own right.. A slave in the workplace. Im surrounded by deadlines, out of this world demands (from bosses), lieng and unrealistic views. My life was totally a mess..
My parents keep saying that I should quit the job and find another one, if Im not happy with it. But i was stuck with this contract. There's something that stopping me from going.

My boyfriend, was always there for me. He was my shelter in despair and hardships that Ive experience. He was my shoulder that I could cry on. Our relationship wa very serious and got intimate.
Intimate... that we explored in having sex outside marriage. Days have passed, and we enjoyed the passion in love making. I realized that Im doing something illegal and a sin. I lied to my parents that I have overtime that;s why I go home late everyday, even on sundays I have overtime, when in fact we're dating.
These are the moments of my life that I was so damn in love and totally out of this world.. i even lied to my parents...

One day, in work, I was task to bring the LCD projector in a hotel where we are having a meeting. It was so raining, three of us, are in the taxi and all of us are in the backseat. We were bumping each other because there was no space.

In the hotel, we have drop all of our things and check on the items.. thinking that we brought everything.....
Inside the function room, I have realized that the LCD Projector was left on the taxi.. (huhuhuhu). And I was so damn nervous and I couldn't think straight. Days passed and the projector was no where to be found. Even if we told cops about it and even announce it on TV and Radio, still no responses.

These times were also the times that I so bothered that I didnt have my menstruation on that month. I was pressured to know if I was pregnant....
One day, there was a bleeding on my panty.. But it was a shower of blood. Small droplets of blood. It was not a normal menstruation, because in another day, it stopped.

I was worried and frantic about it. So I took a pregnancy test and BOOM! It was positive... It was a freezing moment for me.. I want to be stuck in that time and forget about the future.
But I have to move on, and faced this dillemma. My boyfriend went to my mom and dada and discuss what happen, I was so nervous that my dad will hurt my boyfriend. We cried together and dont know waht to do...

When my father knew about the situation, he even smiled and accted the invitation. And ask my boyfriend to bring his parents and make an arrangemnet of our wedding. Wedding... The things were rushing.. The plans were a whirlwind.. But we ended up together... And I gave birth to a beautiful daughter...

Hallejuhah! It was a miracle of life. That I gave birth to my daughter..Now, the past was buried and It's time for me to move on and think about my loved ones first and God as the cenetr of our lives. My Husband and I never regret about the things that we have done, but we would straigthen up things and live in righteousness.. Thats what I want my daughter to be.. Life has to move on.. We whould not be stuck in the past.. Past are just lessons in life, these are our basis to build a new future of righteousness. I was not wise in things but I was agreat fighter in facing these challenges. I would not trade my family in money or wealth. They are my priceless treasure and blessing from God, a gift that I will cherish forever..

"The saddest failures in life are those that come from not putting forth the power and will to succeed." - E.P. Whipple