Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teamwork to achieve success

The last time I handled a big project, was when I was in the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Center Specialist, I was the coordinator on our major events i.e. products exhibits, trade fairs, marketing of training and  consultancy services.

The result was a major success during the SME Week 2009, we had achieved our targets and we have partnered with different government and private companies. Our income in terms of exhibitors' sales and training were higher compared to 2008.

The reason for the success was the planning and the evaluation we had last SME Week 2008. The exhibitors and clients who attended the event were given survey forms to evaluate the event and they made suggestions on how to improve the event. We have collated the results and we had come up with the best plan, in accordance to the needs of our stakeholders.  We made the plan early in order to avoid cramming.

The main ingredient in our success is our great team work, proper communication and delegation of tasks. We had constant meetings, in order to report and give updates about the status of our task.  And if one team member needs assistance, the team is ready to help.

Understanding, camaraderie, unity, focus and loving your job, these are the traits of a successful leader. I always keep these things as my work values taking into action.

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