Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My first encounter with SimSimi

This morning when I log on at facebook, some of my friends were talking about this new chatting robot. I was curious, and I decided to try it. This is an automatic response chatmate called SimSimi, our new virtual friend that you may love or hate. I want to test the intelligence of this platform. So, I ask her a question...

This was so funny, she responded some funny antics and you feel like she is chatting with you on the spot. How did she do that? Well, this was the process...

You just need to teach SimSimi how to answer questions and the system absorbs it and save it for future conversations. That's why its a collection of knowledge derived from SimSimi's chatmates. But sometimes, there are vulgar and foul words that some users are teaching her. This is a new innovation that should be used in a proper manner. 

Technology does change our lives and intelligent people are inventing new things to entertain people. Hope that they would used it as an encyclopedia-type chatbox, where everyone can  ask, and she is reliable enough to answer  the queries.This is such a useful gadget that should be put in good use, this should not be abused.


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  2. i've been hearing a lot about SIMSIMI and it seems like a lot of people are very much entertained. you are right, girl, this thing must be used for wholesome entertainment, otherwise, it would lose it's FUN.. :D

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  4. sorry i don`t like chat whith robot