Saturday, September 10, 2011

Biofuels: An alternative to crude oil

There is a current dilemma on how we can sourced out alternative fuels to power our cars, homes, appliances, computers and other fuel-powered machines. The main source of our fuel (crude oil) came from fossils which are extracted from decayed bodies of ancient creatures, most of these are found in the Middle East. Little did we know that the answer to the scarcity and expensive consumption of oil in the world market in is the hands of our natural resources. It is very ironic, that only in this century that we have discover how plants can produce oil.

Essentially, were back to the basics, in the time were our ancestors survived from the fittest in the absence of the latest technology today. We just need to discover things and be creative in order for us to realize what’s essential in these things. Currently, a lot of studies were conducted to answer the petitions to minimize the cost of purchasing crude oil. This is due to the fact that the non-renewable energy that are sourced out from fossils will soon be depleted and all of us will suffer from it. We need an energy resource that is renewable and is environment friendly. 

Hurray! An answer has come to town and most of us couldn’t believe that we shall found alternative source of fuels from plants. This alternative source of energy is called Bio Fuels. Bio Fuels are sourced out from different living organisms or from waste of animals and food products. To come up with a biofuel, it must have an 80% characteristic of being a renewable source. It is derived from the scientific process of photosynthesis and it is also referred to be a source of solar energy. A lot of biofuel technologies were undertaken; here are some of the recently studied plants and wastes as source of energy:

1. Jethropa

2. Algae

3. Vegetable Oil Waste

4. Swine Waste

5. Hydrogen Fuel from Non-food sources

6. Bio-based Butanol

7. Woody Biomas Resources

8. Bacteria on ancient living creatures

9. Sugarcane

10. Hydrogen form Farm Waste

11. Hydrogen-producing bacteria

12. and more (some sources for research)

Mother earth has a lot to offer for us, it is never a reason that our resources will be depleted and some drastically pointing it out as a global crisis. It is up to us to use these resources from our natural environment. We should act now and be in the know! Be a green advocate and promote environmental conservation and preservation!

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  1. The Phil. Government should also adapt this technology