Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its time to wake up!

 Save the future of our children and  join the movement!

In our modern world, we are highly engaged to technology. The paradigm shift of our thinking has drastically changed for a short period of time. Our world population is steadily increasing. More people are very busy with their work and have less time with their families. Children are left home with their nannies and parents just give them money and hi-tech gadgets (thinking that this will make them happy and will do them good).

Most parents do not give full attention to their children. They just leave their children watching TV and surfing the internet. Not knowing what problem may occur, because of the technology that our children are addicted to.

Watch this video and see for yourself, what is the look and future of our children. Its never too late to take action. Let's join the movement of saving our children... WATCH NOW ASAP!


  1. hi..thanks for adding my blog to your blog list..add you la vida dabawenya..

  2. thanks arvin.. will support you always!!

  3. as a mother, i think i need to take this matter very seriously. thanks so much for sharing. left you a kiss, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Woman on P. Florentino?

  4. yes kim, we need to act now before its too late.. sa sobrang busy natin nakakalimutan na natin ang mga anak natin.. We should really prioritize their spiritual life at an early age.. Hope you will spread the word also to our fellow mothers out there! Thanks for visiting...

  5. nice info, thanks for your comment on my blog..

  6. you have a nice post, it has a good message for all of us..