Thursday, November 24, 2011

The volatility of christmas bonus

We can smell the air of Christmas this month, its only 30 days to go. Employees of various companies and government agencies are very excited to grab their Christmas bonus and 13th month pay because they can buy the things they want for Christmas i.e gift, appliances, hi-tech gadgets, grocery items and more.  

 I just receive my 13th Month pay today and its worth my whole salary plus my semi-monthly pay. Its a large sum of money but before I even receive this, there are a lot of things listed for this sum of money intended for payment of debts, bills and other expenses. So, in short it just evaporated in the air like its not there. 

This is the dilemma of a struggling employee that the only source of income is her semi-monthly salaries, which is not enough to compensate the needs of her family. I think I am not the only person who are suffering from this dreaded disease of debts (hehe!). A lot of people have more debts than me and are in the state of bankruptcy (lol). Well, this thing is normal nowadays, because an employee's career path is the so-called "modern slavery from a meager salary".

Employees work for money, money does not work for them. If we stay as employees and just receive the salary that our companies gave us, we just don't  expect to achieve financial stability. Why? Because employees cannot dictate their salary, the company determines your income. We need to shift our paradigm and move to another quadrant, the quadrant of a businessman.

Traditional business or network marketing businesses are the fast-paced growing market today. Multi-level marketing companies promise financial freedom if you just follow their system, but it will not work if you just sit down and do nothing. These businesses require focus and determination to succeed, you just put your mind into it. There is an affordable way to enter this business, visit for details. Just leave a comment and I will introduce you to the system.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Overtime Blues

When we are in the corporate world it is normal to stay up late to finish our work in order to meet the deadliest deadline. Every workplace has its own culture on how to manage overtime and late schedules in work, but in our case since we are an NGO, we don't have any definite time-in and time-out, as long as you consume the official eight (8) working hours. 

Overtime is normal if is consistent, but what are the things that we should do to avoid it or how can we make our workload manageable. I think overtime is a product of inefficiency and disorganization of tasks and responsibilities. Some people will request for an overtime is there are things urgent, but you can gradually do that thing beforehand to avoid cramming. 

Sometimes the one who instructed you to do that work, do not understand what he has instructed you because he crams and just instruct you to do this and do that without even thinking if it is feasible or not.  Well, I understand the position of the bosses because they have a bigger responsibility in the organization and everything you do, reflects their management. 

In the end, the big bosses will blame your direct supervisor if something goes wrong and your boss will be the one to relay it to you. In short, your direct boss has much pressure than you. I understand every boss, its not easy handling people. Its up to the management of each organization to make a policy with proper implementation.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A new home, a new beginning

On my blog about my dream  house with a broken promise, I have expressed my disappointment on the delay in the construction of our house. Luckily, the long wait will be (hopefully) over. Last Saturday, we visited the site because our developer contacted me to check the house and examine if there are repairs to be made. 
When we checked it out, the construction is completing its last touches, the comfort room has no door yet. The main door is not fit against the tiled floor. The aircon wire, aircon switch and the breaker was not yet attached. I was kind of irritated, because the foreman told me to buy those stuff before they start painting the house. But until now, it was not yet installed. 

The roof gutter was not yet installed , and I was expecting that the house will be color peach orange or golden brown. But the house is pale and dull. The foreman explained that it was a Jasmin model house, and that is really its design. So, what can I do, I just need to accept it.

I am hoping that the house will be taken out by Pag-ibig this December 2011 or January 2012. I am also hoping that they will approved my application. After the house is awarded, its only the beginning of other expenses like installation of electricity and water, purchase of important appliances and furniture and construction of fence. 

I am praying that the house we have chosen is worth the wait.. I have waited for more than 1 year, maybe God has a purpose for everything, because in that time, I was not prepared to pay the amortization yet given my present financial condition.

This is my dream, to have my own house for my family, even though I was not able to provide it to my parents, I know that they are proud of what I have invested. In the future, I will buy another house for my parents.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A mediocre victor

Who wouldn't want to win in a competition? Off course, we want to succeed in our every endeavor right? But we want to succeed in a fair game with a sportsman's hat. When everybody expects us to be a winner all the time, when you failed to please them once, people will generalize tagging you as incompetent if they find you weak in that certain competition. We should be reminded that in a game, there is a winner and the other one is the loser. There is always two sides of everything, bad or good, ugly or beautiful, black and white, win or lose...

In the recent fight of Manny Pacquiao against Juan Manuel Marquez last Novembver 13, a lot of people were dismayed by the result , especially the Mexicans. But not only Marquez fans were upset but also Filipino fans of Manny Pacquiao. Filipinos has a lot of expectation in Manny's performance because we are used to his knock-outs and dominance in the game. He is known to be the "Mexican Assassin" , the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. People are really surprise why Manny's performance that night is not a champion's stance.

Well, obviously during the fight you cannot deny the fact that he is not prepared for it. Yes, he has practiced a lot for 2-3 months, but there are a lot of distractions. Manny is a multi-tasker, he is an actor, a congressman, a commercial model, a singer and a part-time boxer. Since he entered politics, his bread and butter (boxing), was put aside. He only practice if there is a scheduled fight.

We are familiar with the saying that  "you cannot serve two masters at a time", we can only work one by one  with  proper time management. Juan Manuel Marquez  has a great advantage in preparing for the fight. He started practicing even before the game was announced and definitely he is a full-time boxer.

Success is not determined on how famous you are or how your previous fights went.  A victory over an enemy is not consistent, because in every game we have different conditions and situations. In sports, winning does not happen everyday.

Nobody is perfect, as well as Manny's, and we should accept that. Although, he did not emerged as the dominant fighter, he is still the winner. But this fight is a great reminder to Manny, that boxing should be taken seriously now... This was his long-time passion in life, hope that politics and showbiz will not tamper his boxing career.

A mediocre victor has every chance to change the pace of his game. Its up to Manny now, on how he handle his future in boxing. A choice should be made... its either to the left and to the right, no more in betweens...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao Fights: A Business event?

Today, one day before the trilogy fight of Pacquiao and Marquez, all the news on TV in the Philippines are focused on  Manny's. As usual, during preparation, actual and post fights of Manny, all eyes (of the Filipinos) are on him (pakyaw nya lahat ang balita) . According to police reports on past Manny Pacquiao fights, crime rate is lessened during these times. When you see the streets, there are only a few people walking around, all are watching the big event of the nation.

A Manny Pacquiao fight in the Philippines is also a great opportunity for businessmen to have pay-per-view promos in their establishments. Most restaurants, fast food chains, movie houses and hotels take advantage of this event to promote their products and to have more income. Well, your money is worth it, if you watch the fight with free food and drinks (sulit talaga!).

But if you don't have enough budget, might as well look for a barangay or the city hall's free pay-per-view viewing if any. In General Santos City, Manny's hometown , there is a free pay-per-view and you only need to get a ticket, and I think its really hard to grab one ticket.

No matter what you prefer in watching Manny's fight live, you can still watch the fight on TV via GMA 7. It's free, no hustle, because you are in the comforts of your home, but just be patient in a long line of commercials (very frustrating!). Its  okay because its free, Filipinos are fond of freebies anyway (heheheh).

Well, for now the nation is praying for Manny Pacquiao's victory. Its hard to predict who will win because both of them are great fighters and Marquez is not an easy opponent. ITAAS ANG BANDILA NG PILIPINAS, MANNY!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yehey! I won a sunshine award this year!

I was a bit surprise that my personal blog won an award, at first I thought it was a cash prize. HEHEHEH! Joke lang.. But I was honored that someone appreciates my blog. I am a first-time blogger, so it means a lot to me. I want to thank RONA who owns  four of my favorite blogs, namely; Rona's REVIEWSWomen's ChoiceMake Money Online Blogs and c",) At home ako dito. A BIG, BIG THANK YOU! MWA.. With lots of hugs and kisses....

This sunshine award really depicted my personality, its always sunny in every day of my life. I always see the good things in life. There is always a sunshine after every storm.. Here it is!!!

In order to win this award, there are rules to follow and future winners should do these things if this award is given to them too.

To all the winners, kindly do the following:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded this to you and post a blog entry like this.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. After that, forward this to 10 bloggers who deserves to win the SUNSHINE AWARD.


* Favorite color? PINK because I am Jennylicious Babe!

 * Favorite animal? Koala Bear because they eat eucalyptus leaf..
* Favorite number? 15 is my lucky number
* Favorite drink? Melon Shake with bits.. hmm yummy!
*Facebook or Twitter? I prefer twitter, twits are more sensible than Facebook status..
* Your Passion? Singing, Researching and blogging!
* Giving or getting presents? Giving. Give and give, do not wait wait for something in return. We are still very lucky, a lot of people are suffering, so we should always be thankful to God for all the blessings! SHALOM!
* Favorite Day? Sunday. I have more time with my family.

* Favorite flowers?  Roses, because they are red and sexy. 
And without further ado, these are my 10 winners! Congratulations!

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