Monday, November 7, 2011

Yehey! I won a sunshine award this year!

I was a bit surprise that my personal blog won an award, at first I thought it was a cash prize. HEHEHEH! Joke lang.. But I was honored that someone appreciates my blog. I am a first-time blogger, so it means a lot to me. I want to thank RONA who owns  four of my favorite blogs, namely; Rona's REVIEWSWomen's ChoiceMake Money Online Blogs and c",) At home ako dito. A BIG, BIG THANK YOU! MWA.. With lots of hugs and kisses....

This sunshine award really depicted my personality, its always sunny in every day of my life. I always see the good things in life. There is always a sunshine after every storm.. Here it is!!!

In order to win this award, there are rules to follow and future winners should do these things if this award is given to them too.

To all the winners, kindly do the following:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded this to you and post a blog entry like this.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. After that, forward this to 10 bloggers who deserves to win the SUNSHINE AWARD.


* Favorite color? PINK because I am Jennylicious Babe!

 * Favorite animal? Koala Bear because they eat eucalyptus leaf..
* Favorite number? 15 is my lucky number
* Favorite drink? Melon Shake with bits.. hmm yummy!
*Facebook or Twitter? I prefer twitter, twits are more sensible than Facebook status..
* Your Passion? Singing, Researching and blogging!
* Giving or getting presents? Giving. Give and give, do not wait wait for something in return. We are still very lucky, a lot of people are suffering, so we should always be thankful to God for all the blessings! SHALOM!
* Favorite Day? Sunday. I have more time with my family.

* Favorite flowers?  Roses, because they are red and sexy. 
And without further ado, these are my 10 winners! Congratulations!

Jocy of Jocy's World
Simply Kim of The Story Teller
Mauskie of  Mauskie's Den
Mau of  Mau's Trap
Chloebelle of ChloeBelle's NesT
Algene of The COFFEE CHIC..
Quima of         Piece of My Mind
Jenny of FOODS & Etc.
Mommy G of  All About Me

Pass the award to your chosen winners!


  1. wow, bonggang bongga ang link back sa apat kong blogs. thanks! and congrats once again!! you deserve the award. ;)

  2. Your welcome guys! You deserve the award.. Pass it on to your followers!

  3. Thank you for your kind visit, you're welcome, visit me again soon smile for you :)

    check it ;)

  4. Hi Jenn I just stumble upon from other blog and want to have a connection through blog hopping. I ask permission from you that I am leaving a link/s here in my your comment box for my back-link. By the way I have joined your GFollow, you can guest post or post an article/s in my blog and I will provide a back-link for you directly to your blog/site my blog is just new with PR2 feel free to visit me soon.

  5. congratulation for your Award , keep blogging and succes always :)
    BlogS of Hariyanto

  6. Hi te, thank you! te mutapad jud ko sa imoha anang exam day te, hehe