Thursday, November 24, 2011

The volatility of christmas bonus

We can smell the air of Christmas this month, its only 30 days to go. Employees of various companies and government agencies are very excited to grab their Christmas bonus and 13th month pay because they can buy the things they want for Christmas i.e gift, appliances, hi-tech gadgets, grocery items and more.  

 I just receive my 13th Month pay today and its worth my whole salary plus my semi-monthly pay. Its a large sum of money but before I even receive this, there are a lot of things listed for this sum of money intended for payment of debts, bills and other expenses. So, in short it just evaporated in the air like its not there. 

This is the dilemma of a struggling employee that the only source of income is her semi-monthly salaries, which is not enough to compensate the needs of her family. I think I am not the only person who are suffering from this dreaded disease of debts (hehe!). A lot of people have more debts than me and are in the state of bankruptcy (lol). Well, this thing is normal nowadays, because an employee's career path is the so-called "modern slavery from a meager salary".

Employees work for money, money does not work for them. If we stay as employees and just receive the salary that our companies gave us, we just don't  expect to achieve financial stability. Why? Because employees cannot dictate their salary, the company determines your income. We need to shift our paradigm and move to another quadrant, the quadrant of a businessman.

Traditional business or network marketing businesses are the fast-paced growing market today. Multi-level marketing companies promise financial freedom if you just follow their system, but it will not work if you just sit down and do nothing. These businesses require focus and determination to succeed, you just put your mind into it. There is an affordable way to enter this business, visit for details. Just leave a comment and I will introduce you to the system.


  1. Christmas good, bonuses make it better! Advanced merry christmas to you! :D

  2. Merry Christmas Michael.. Thanks for visiting