Friday, October 28, 2011

A Healthy Coffee

My co-teacher at Brokenshire College invited me to a business seminar that introduce products from the 7 most nutritious vegetables in the Philippines (see my article in October). They have products like coffee, vegetable food supplement, calcium ascorbate and many others. What I like the most is there coffee, because the ingredients were mangosteen and some vegetable extracts and minerals. I was able to share this to my colleagues and they like it too. It has health benefits at an affordable price. It's worth your money to buy one.

This is a nutritious herbal coffee, derived from the queen of fruits Mangostana, which helps support visual and cardiovascular functions while promoting the flexibility of joints, reduces allergies and inflammatory processes.On the other hand, its alkaline minerals neutralize harmful acids, in our body, and replenish mineral reserves needed for both physiological and biological functions. Its vegetable components regulate the acceleration of pressure within the arteries, prevent the thinning of bones ("osteoporosis"), suffering of body tissues ("osteomalacia") while, at the same time, regulating the secretion of various enzymes within the body. (Source:                                                                  

Source: FNRI

If you want to try our coffee, please comment below so I contact you on how to purchase this one.


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  2. I love coffee.. this is very healthy.. I want to try this one

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