Monday, October 31, 2011

A Passionate Multi-tasker

"The secret to multi-tasking, is not doing things at the same time, but by doing it one by one."

After I got married and had children, I seldom have time to bond with my girlfriends. I am also hesitant in joining their out-of-town trips ,because I need to take good care of my kids. Even in night parties and group dates, I cant also attend because I don't want to go home late because my husband and kids are waiting for me. But its not a big deal to me, I know my responsibilities and the main reason why I don't to go with them is that I don't have enough money to spend in these unnecessary things. I need to prioritize my basic needs, specifically my family's needs.

I budget my monthly salary in order to compensate our daily expenses. Even if we are both working, our earnings is not enough. I need to have part time jobs to have additional income. I am part time teacher in a University (teaching Economics and History), a Unit Sales Manager in a Memorial Park Estate, a Real Estate Agent and a struggling Multi-level Marketer. A lot of my friends could not believe that I can do these things at the same time. They told me that I am a workaholic ever since college.

Well, I can't deny their notion, I am a workaholic and a multi-tasker. From Elementary, High School up to College, I was engaged in student leadership activities i.e. Class Mayor, College Vice Governor, College Governor and University External Vice President. 

In college, I was juggling my academic excellence to student leadership, I was a candidate for Cum Laude but I was not able to reach the minimum GPA of 1.75, because mine was 1.7604 (a very slight difference). I regret the things that I should have done in order to reach that certain mark, but it was too late.

But my experience was worth it, my experiences as a leader  have molded me to become fully equipped in the workplace. All knowledge and experiences that I have done were very useful, when I worked at a Business Organization. No regrets.

The secret to multi-tasking, is that I don't multi-task, I do not do things at the same, I do it one by one. Even if you have a lot of appointments, you just need to balance and manage your time. Time is gold, right? We need to value every second of every minute in every hour, because valuing time makes us more productive.

Sometimes, we are lazy and do not initiate things that will make us more productive in the workplace, in school or at home. We have different roles in life , we can be a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend or a business partner. Each of these roles should be acted upon, in accordance to their expectations and our fulfillment in life.

Life is so short... we need to live our lives to the fullest!


  1. I love the thought of living our lives to the fullest..:) and that's what I'm doin' right now. Before, I was too in a hurry of my decisions and I forgot to enjoy every bit of it, that's why I'm starting to be slower in terms of my plans and told myself to enjoy every seconds of my life while taking my steps one at a time. I believe everything happens for a reason and there's a time for everything. Keep it up jen!... As long as you enjoy and happy with what you are doing then keep on pursuing your dreams.

  2. thanks jocy, I will continue this momentum...

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  4. i think most moms are adept in multitasking not because they personally want it but because they have to, lol! thanks for the visit, girl!

    a visit from Soulful!

  5. Being a teenager, I also sometimes have problems with time management. But I cope up with it by making a schedule for my day-to-day activities.

    Yes, you are a workaholic. Imagine having lots of sidelines. Anyway, keep it up and always enjoy anything that you're doing. :D

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  7. Im also a workaholic... I love to work, because I need to earn money.. I am trying to change my quadrant from employee to businessman.. hopefully