Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011: The year that was

My year 2011 ended with an unfortunate event, our house was caught on fire and was turned into ashes, but overall my year was spectacular. There were a lot blessings that came in this year. I want to share the good things that had happened in year 2011:
  1. I started the year giving birth to my second daughter, Fraulein, she was left at the hospital for seven days because of infection but she has successfully recovered unharmed and healthy.
  2. My husband's nasopalatine cyst operation was also a success.
  3. I got a 5% raised in my salary.
  4. I paid all my credit card debts.
  5. My working colleagues and friends gave me financial support during the fire incident.
  6. My family were all safe during the fire incident.
  7. We are together as a family during Christmas and New Year's Eve.
  8. I had my mid-year bonus and 13th month pay.
  9. I had a new laptop.
  10. My husband gave me a Rusty Lopez shoes.
These are the ten things I should be thankful about last 2011. I may not be rich, but I have a lot of friends, who are my precious gems, a treasure that can last forever.


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  2. we live our lives not because of material things we have but what we can do for ourselves and to others, touch other lives and make a difference. everything happened to us is a test on how far we will go and survive life. wishing u all the best of good health and safety this 2012.

  3. made readers that counting the blessing is rewarding than crying over a spilled milk. have a great weekend.

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