Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last working day in 2011

I'm so bored and I can't concentrate in my work. I have a lot of deliverables, but I can't focus on it. Well, I just leave them for 2012. Heheh!
Its December 29th today, this is the last day of work here in the Philippines because its a holiday tomorrow to commemorate the death of our National Hero "Jose Rizal". Today, the office is very gloomy and dull, only a few people reported. They are busy for the holidays and I think they are having their vacation. I was not able to file my leave because I want to save my leave for next year, because 12 days leave are convertible to cash. So, I better save them than take my leave, after all I don't have any vacation plans. No budget for that, have some important things to look at rather than that.

Today is a  gloomy day at the office, as we are nearing year 2012, it seems so dull and pale. We are not that excited or we are not looking forward to 2012, because our project will end on June 2012, and all of us will be left unemployed. But I'm not worried, I know that there are a lot of opportunities around I am positive about it. God really provides in time, we should be patient and always ask for His guidance in every endeavor we have.    


  1. I agree. With God's help, you can face any challenges in life.

  2. Sure, there would be more and more opportunities that you will encounter. For now, let's enjoy this celebration as 2011 ends. Happy new year!

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    Happy New Year...
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