Monday, February 6, 2012

A frustrated OTP aspirant

Do you have a dream job? Me, I always wanted to climb a ladder and succeed in my career. But before graduation, being so idealistic, I don't want to work in a corporate setting, because I am just making the capitalist rich. I have so many ideas to contribute for the betterment of our country and to spur the development of our economy. My first job was in an NGO, and my second is still an NGO. Helping and assisting people for assistance and helping them succeed.

But having a family and financial constraints of my own, I became more inclined now with the compensation that I get, rather than the experience and contribution that  I can share to the nation. "Its about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY !" I know that monetary things are a necessity but not that important to succeed in life, but with the increasing needs that I have , the more practical I get.  

Let's face it, we need money to survive and provide food and shelter to our families. I am really frustrated and have regrets on why I got married early, having kids, and a noble job with less compensation. Now, my dream job is to become a Bank Officer of a certain bank. I applied many times, but I failed to get in. I hope I will get the job, but if it is not for me, then fine, GOD will always provide and there are reasons for everything. 

I am happy and contented with the life I have today. I am thankful for the blessings and for the gift of family. Those things cannot be bought with cash, PRICELESS! 

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