Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Cycle of Crime in Davao City

A lot of petty crimes that had happened in Davao recently, triggered the call of vigilantes (which is the so-called "DDS-Davao Death Squad) to kill the criminals. Consecutive crimes in the city committed by these thieves riding motorcycles , only proved that they are not afraid anymore with the police. These guys has been in and out of jail, and they keep on doing these crimes, because it is their livelihood. 

Source: http://www.treatmentnotjail.org
They cannot find formal jobs  because no one will trust and accept them. No one will ever give them a chance to change their lives.. They are left with no choice, but to keep doing what they used to do.... 

Poverty and lack of education made these guys, mostly teenagers, to become criminals. They do that in order to survive, and even if it is wrong, they still do it. Illiteracy among these guys made their conscience numb, forcing them to be immoral. 

One major factor why they also do these things is the lack of care and guidance from their parents. Parents should discipline their kids and love them unconditionally. These guys don't care anymore about their future, its because they are not inspired to move forward... to have a brighter future, a new life.... 

This problem has been their for ages, the police and the government should solve the root cause of the crime. What triggered these people to do that? What is the solution? The government should be proactive and initiate activities for young ones, so that at an early age they will know what's moral and immoral. The problem of crime cannot be solved overnight, if we keep on waiting for crimes to happen and not prevent them from doing that, we are always be trap in the "CYCLE OF CRIME".


  1. What you risk reveals what you value.suporting here.

  2. This problem has been very difficult to solve.. We need to establish tangible solutions

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