Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where's my boss?!

The important decision that I have made in the absence of my boss, was when there was a client asking for a discount to our training fee, and the client will only join our training if the discount they requested will be given to them.

My supervisor was the only one authorized to approve discounts, and being in-charge with the marketing, I was really eager to have that client join the training. So,  I analyze her deal and compared it with the usual discounts we have given to our previous clients. I also considered the expenses we will incur, which will compensate the training fee she will pay.

I called the client and told her that, the fee that they will pay is inclusive of materials, food, certificates and the speaker's fee. I explained to her that we are conducting the said training as one of the income generating activities. And it will also be beneficial for them, if they will pay the fee. I have given her the usual discounts for being an active member and an early bird discount, and she agreed on it.

When my boss reported again, I told her about the decision that I have made. She was good about it and I didn't hear any negative comments. In this situation, we should take the risk and make an immediate initiative on how to solve recurring problems (abruptly) in the office. There are some decisions to make when your boss is not around, but make sure you weigh things first, before finalizing your unofficial actions.


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