Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy, Happy Vega Vega!

Our Yamaha Vega Motorcycle
We just move in our new house in Residencia del Rio Subdivision-Catalunan Pequeño,  which is way up town in the south. It's like living in the farm or in the woods. There are a lot of trees and you can breathe the fresh air in the wind and there is a mango plantation behind us. Its 1 hour away from downtown and its usually traffic during 8:00am and during 6:00pm onwards. Our means of transportation is our "Yamaha Vega Force" motorcycle. Its more efficient and low-cost compared to riding a jeepney, which I would have to ride 3 times.

Its really a challenge to us, because we are used to living in the downtown area, where my workplace is just 15 minutes away. During that time, I always get late, even if my home is near. Now that my home is 20 kms away from my office, I  was the one who is very early to report. Since I'm alone in the office when I arrived around 7am. I dedicate my free time before 8am to facebook, twitter and blogging (heheh!).

Its really very ironic, even at school, my classmates who lived in the far side of town arrived early than we do. They are obliged to wake up early to avoid traffic jams, to arrive on time and to never be late. The latecomers were usually the one who just live outside of the school. 

When we move in at our new house, we usually leave the house at around 5:45am to 6:00am. My husband works at the north side of Davao and I work in Bajada, while our house is at the south part. Everyday I have the chance to see Davao from south to north, its my everyday tour. At first it was really tiresome, since its been a month we are used to eat and we enjoy being early in our workplace.

I am thankful that we have a motorcycle because its really very useful and cheaper, we usually spend at most 200 pesos of gasoline for a 3-days consumption, compared to riding a jeep we spend 100 pesos a day, that's a 100 peso savings for three days. But there is always a risk in riding motorcycles, because we are very prone to accidents. I always remind my husband to drive safe and be alert to big trucks.

Before we have purchased the motorcycle, my friends used to tease that if ever I would find a new job with a higher salary, I can already purchase the "HAPPY, HAPPY, VEGA VEGA" motorcycle of yamaha, which was endorsed by Michael V. at the time. I had a last syndrome with the jingle song sang by Michael V., and makes me happy and contented with our motorcycle.