Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Empowering leaders to help communities

Meeting with barangay officials
The School of Applied Economics (SAEc) has launched its Barangay Skills Enhancement and Development Program (BSEDP) in the first quarter of 2014, a five-year community extension program participated by SAEc faculty and students enrolled in Project Planning and Management. The program aims to assist barangay leaders in crafting their development plans and initiate projects that will help uplift the lives of their constituents. As of December 2014, we have assisted a total of seven (7) barangays in Davao City, namely: Bago Oshiro, Manuel Guianga, Daliaon Plantation, Sto. Niño, Tacunan, Los Amigos and Biao Joaquin.
These participating barangays have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as their proof of commitment for the program.

Needs assessment survey to respondents

Barangay development workshops
One of the major activities of the program is the needs assessment survey and planning workshops. In the needs assessment, the students were involved in the random household survey to profile the barangay’s current standard of living, income, health, education level, means of transportation, etc. This is backed-up by secondary data available in the barangay, city planning office and other relevant agencies. The data gathered in the survey was presented in the planning workshops for verification and these are important inputs in crafting the barangay development plans.

The program, project and activity leaders want to establish a strong partnership between the beneficiaries and instill in their minds that this is not a one-way or dole-out project. As much as possible, we want to “teach them how to fish” not to “catch fish always”, there should be counter parting in the activities conducted i.e. meetings, workshops, needs assessment surveys and trainings. The extension initiators want to emphasize the mentoring process (in the comprehensive barangay development plan technical assistance) to sustain the project on their own, even if the assistance is no longer available. 

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