Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Power in the fingertips

A lot of us can write well and express our feelings through writing, and now in blogging. Only few people are gifted in this kind of talent, Im one of them. I'm not a talented nor an innate writer, Im struggling to be one of them actually. In this fast-paced world and with the emergence of the internet, we have an engine to follow our dreams and desires in our unconsciousness.

Im pertaining to blogging, with this electronic tool and the web. Its like a democratic universe of expressing our thoughts and feelings. Hence, this allows a dynamic and a vibrant open minded spirit for all citizens in the planet.

In the net, you can be powerful than the President of the United States and be famous like Oprah Winfrey. Anything is possible, you just make use of your talent and your fungertips. Make sure you dont a sore fingers. Heheheh.

Basically your entry to this fantasy is just a wild imagination and will to express yourself without hesitation. Confidence and honesty are also the key factors for this rummage.

Certainly, I hope that the mentality of some people will change. They should not be afraid to espress themselves. Thsy should not be afraid to love , to hate and to feel the world around them

Life is beautiful and we should make most out of it. Life is always a blessing and the net is just an instrument to fullfill a satisfaction of making our dreams a reality.

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