Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Job Seeking is Tiresome

I'm hitching this very moment on the jobs on the net, while I'm working with my deliverable for tomorrow's meeting. Its kinda ironic that while I have a current job, I'm still not contented with my job, because of our meager salary. I wanted to expand my horizon in my field of expertise, Economics. It seems like all my academic background were not useful in my work today, except for Project Development and Evaluation. I could deny the fact that I'm comfortable with my co-workers here and I was able to adjust for the past 2 years. But even so, my salary is not enough to compensate my family's needs. I have a baby right now, and an ailing salary of 5,600 per month. Imagine that, how could I live in this trying times, with all this economic turbulence. Wait a sec, I do not intend to pity myself to everybody, because no one force me to be here. This is my decision and I will live with it. but somehow, I still have the chance to find a job for me.. Yehey!

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