Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Live life to sustain the agony of action

Sip some juice girl!
Well, this is another day of work loads. But I'm at ease these days with my work and no play. I always prompt to say that I have improved myself. Specifically, in terms with my outlook in life. I am more positive right now, and confident that I could all things that my bosses want me to do. Its a sort of "Law of Attraction", if you think positive thoughts, then positive actions will magnet your well being.

Its been a while since, I got shouted with all my failures in work. Especially on my grammar thing, I am not a good writer but Im struggling to be one. I think this blogging habit, will put me in the hyatt of (practicing) writing as a profession.

I firmly believe that practice makes perfect. By reading a lot and writing a lot, it may improvement my comprehensive skills in communicating. It is not the end of the world, so I can still do the things that I wanted to do, right? Before starting to work, i would really have a time in blogging, so that I could express myself, without hesitation. No boundaries!!!!!!!