Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Erratum: Corrections in Life

My precious giftIt upsets me when people do not appreciate the things I do. I easily get discouraged and I feel weak and helpless. It's really an issue when a lot of us expects something and in reality the worse is yet to come. I have done a lot of failures in my life, but it ended to be a beautiful part of my life right now. I did not regret anyhting, all I wanted today is to live life to the fullest and always be affirmative in everything that I do. Wondering why I said those things.. Here's my story.. read;

In 2008, life or me was a bit cold and and bitter. I am pessimistic in all things: in life, work, love and etc. I do not think about myself anymore, I became a slave in my own right.. A slave in the workplace. Im surrounded by deadlines, out of this world demands (from bosses), lieng and unrealistic views. My life was totally a mess..
My parents keep saying that I should quit the job and find another one, if Im not happy with it. But i was stuck with this contract. There's something that stopping me from going.

My boyfriend, was always there for me. He was my shelter in despair and hardships that Ive experience. He was my shoulder that I could cry on. Our relationship wa very serious and got intimate.
Intimate... that we explored in having sex outside marriage. Days have passed, and we enjoyed the passion in love making. I realized that Im doing something illegal and a sin. I lied to my parents that I have overtime that;s why I go home late everyday, even on sundays I have overtime, when in fact we're dating.
These are the moments of my life that I was so damn in love and totally out of this world.. i even lied to my parents...

One day, in work, I was task to bring the LCD projector in a hotel where we are having a meeting. It was so raining, three of us, are in the taxi and all of us are in the backseat. We were bumping each other because there was no space.

In the hotel, we have drop all of our things and check on the items.. thinking that we brought everything.....
Inside the function room, I have realized that the LCD Projector was left on the taxi.. (huhuhuhu). And I was so damn nervous and I couldn't think straight. Days passed and the projector was no where to be found. Even if we told cops about it and even announce it on TV and Radio, still no responses.

These times were also the times that I so bothered that I didnt have my menstruation on that month. I was pressured to know if I was pregnant....
One day, there was a bleeding on my panty.. But it was a shower of blood. Small droplets of blood. It was not a normal menstruation, because in another day, it stopped.

I was worried and frantic about it. So I took a pregnancy test and BOOM! It was positive... It was a freezing moment for me.. I want to be stuck in that time and forget about the future.
But I have to move on, and faced this dillemma. My boyfriend went to my mom and dada and discuss what happen, I was so nervous that my dad will hurt my boyfriend. We cried together and dont know waht to do...

When my father knew about the situation, he even smiled and accted the invitation. And ask my boyfriend to bring his parents and make an arrangemnet of our wedding. Wedding... The things were rushing.. The plans were a whirlwind.. But we ended up together... And I gave birth to a beautiful daughter...

Hallejuhah! It was a miracle of life. That I gave birth to my daughter..Now, the past was buried and It's time for me to move on and think about my loved ones first and God as the cenetr of our lives. My Husband and I never regret about the things that we have done, but we would straigthen up things and live in righteousness.. Thats what I want my daughter to be.. Life has to move on.. We whould not be stuck in the past.. Past are just lessons in life, these are our basis to build a new future of righteousness. I was not wise in things but I was agreat fighter in facing these challenges. I would not trade my family in money or wealth. They are my priceless treasure and blessing from God, a gift that I will cherish forever..

"The saddest failures in life are those that come from not putting forth the power and will to succeed." - E.P. Whipple