Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spice in Office Lunch

Work in middle time rest, hmm I'm pertaining to lunch break. This is a time were all employees gather in the pantry and eat some meals. What supposed to be a happy appetite is also a time where gossips and intrigues are the main scope to spice the dining. hehehe.. Well, during this "lunch break", we talked about all in a days work. The loads, the deadlines, the pressure and some you know, something that aren't nice to hear. But I think those things are just normal to our ears. We tend to listen to this gossips and believed them.

Well, not all of this are true right? For me, I dont really participate in such discussions. I pretend that I dont care. But, perhaps I just dont want to have a knowledge of silly things that are not worth to hear. Its better that you do not know it, so you will never be a culprit in spreading (the news) office issues.

Playing safe...?? yeah, I guess so, I'm just playing safe, in the sense that I don't want to face trouble. I don't want trouble anymore. I just want peace.. PEACE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all in the days work... funny and vibrant...heheheh.. Makes sense in a life of a former babe..

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  1. hheheheh all of the girls love to do that.. gossips and intrigues