Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/09/11 - Shattered dreams in Magallanes Riverside Fire

December 09, 2011 - A day to remember in the lives of my family. Our dreams were shattered in just minutes and they were turned into ashes like dust in the wind that flown away and nowhere to be found. A tragic event that wounded our hearts and bewildered our plans in the future. Just because of a kid who played fire while cooking in the kitchen, turned a simple accident into a blazing fire fuming with black smoke, causing the clouds to get heavy.

At 9:15am that day I was preparing to go to work and I said good bye to my 9-month old daughter. I noticed a certain sad aura in her eyes, she was sad that I will be leaving her in the house. But I need to go to work for them. I felt something bad, but I did not mind about it when I saw her sad face.When I rode a jeepney going to bajada, I had a call from our family friend, she said in a terrifying voice that there is a fire in Magallanes just at the back of Grand Men Seng Hotel, which is very near at our house. I was shocked and panicked, when I texted my husband informing him about the situation, my hands are shaking and I am very nervous. 

At 9:30am, I got off the jeep, and rode another jeepney going to Magallanes. I just dropped at Ponciano St., because the roads were closed going to Magallanes. I felt the heat of the fire even in San Pedro St., and as I move closer to the City Hall and Magallanes Elem. Sch. , the fire was still scorching. I went to City Health Office, where are house is nearly located, I saw blazing red fire with black fuming flames. Our home is nowhere to be found, it was turned into ashes and flown away in the air. (Watch me here at 5:47 mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnPeN-DhbQ4.)

I keep on calling my mom and dad, but they were not answering the phone. When I received a text message from our boarders, I was relieved when she said that they are safe and they are on the other side of the dike, so I hurriedly went there. As I was walking towards the other end of the dike, which I will walk through Bolton St., I saw fire trucks and people watching the fire. I kept on crying because I want to see my family safe. A lot of people were panicking and getting the things out of their house, it was daylight nightmare.

When I went to the place, I saw my family and we hugged each other and we cried. I kissed my daughters and I was happy seeing them safe. I thank my two boarders who helped my daughters escaped from the fire. It was an unexpected event in our lives, but even in this tragic happening we are still blessed that we are  alive and safe. My dad's boss offered that we could stay in their house temporarily until we can build our house.

We are slowly moving forward to start a new beginning, I know that it is not an easy journey but I know we can do it together as a family. God has a purpose for this trial in our life and I know He has prepared something great for us. We need to move on, we cannot live by the past alone but we can think about the future and plan a new chapter of our life.

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