Sunday, December 18, 2011

Google search rank

I am a first-time blogger and I rarely had an opportunity to have my keywords searchable on the net. This morning, I noticed that my post about the Magallanes Riverside Fire was among the popular posts (that I have). When I tried to enter the "magallanes riverside fire" keyword on google search, I was surprise that it ranked number 2. I was shocked because I did not expect that this will be ranked. Nevertheless, its so ironic that the personal post that trended was about the fire incident that hit our family. Everything has its own positive side I guess. I will continue to share the pages of my life and try to impart the positive things in every aspect of our lives. My blog is a personal blog that talks about my daily life experiences, as well as my opinions on different matters that I am interested in. Keep on reading  my blog and share your views and opinions.

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